Big THANK-YOUs to...

Amy, my great girlfriend, for letting me do this while she 
deals with her knee.

J&D, for being more excited than worried.

Ben, for talking me into this. Because that was really difficult.

Beth, for helping with the flyer, the hosting, the Sir Walter 
Rally graphic, and everything else. 

Tom, for endlessly practicing extraction scenarios. 

Domino (a past Rallier), for many answers. 

Sonya, for getting me all drugged up. 

Larissa, for helping with my 5 Russian words (which I've 
already forgotten). 

Joan, for other, unspeakable, Russian words.

Catherine, Stephen, and Dan for watching over things. 

Shawn at Signs by Tomorrow for donating the car stickers!!!

Rhonda, at the Angier post office, for getting my passport 
in order.

Chris, at First Citizen's for getting my money where it was 
supposed to go.

Emily, at Spectrum Screen for getting the tshirts to come 
out so well. 

Courtney, at HIC for being so (repeatedly) helpful.

SAS, for letting me do this and then giving me my job back.

The person who did the 'Mongol Rally' banner (minus the Walter bit),
for not being too mad that I swiped his or her cool work.