How to Calculate Your Donation :-)

You can donate now, or after I get back, or any time in between. I'll be keeping stats, in case you want to base your donation on something like number of goats eaten. (Let me know if you have an odd stat you want kept.)

Donations are tax deductable.

Although all the money will go to CoolEarth or Mercy Corps, here are a few ways to consider it, and some incentives:

  • $12 -- $1 per country.
  • $13 -- $1 per border crossing.
  • $? -- $2 per river crossing.
  • $? -- $2 per flat tire.
  • $20 (AKA, the standard office donation).
    To make it less standard, if you donate $20 and email me a headshot, I'll print it at about 1.5" x 1.5", and tape it to the hood of car with super-tape so you can ride with me to Mongolia!
    (I've got one on the motorcycle like this and it's lasted over a year.)
  • $30 -- a head shot, and I'll mail you a postcard from Mongolia.
  • $40 -- a HUGE picture on the car (3"x3") and a post card!
  • $50 -- HUGE picture, a post card, and I'll try to call you from Mongolia. Cause who doesn't want to say, "Oh, sorry, I was on the phone to Mongolia."
  • $85 -- 1 penny per mile (depending on how lost we get -- we promise not to pad). You get everything above, and something else super-amazing that I haven't thought of yet (or maybe a t-shirt or a small book).

If you opt for a postcard or phone call, make sure I have your information before I leave!

The t-shirts are in, and look suspiciously like this (except on a slightly darker grey than this prototype):


They'll be available when I return, in a cornucopia of sizes.

Quit Reading and Go Do It!

All goals met! Thank you!

Are You a Business?

If you're a business and want to push some cash around, I have sticker space on the car.

You know who you are, Fiat!

Spreading the Word

If you want to help spread the word, here's a little PDF flyer: SirWalterRally_2013_flyer.pdf

What? Donate to Me?

Some people (not just my parents) have asked if they could give me funds to help out. Although that's incredibly nice, it's not really needed.

HOWEVER... if you want to buy the first tank of gas in a country (or even part of a tank of gas), I could go for that.

Sir Walter only holds 35L (9.2 gallons). With about a 350 mile range, I figure we'll have to fill up at least 25 times. Maybe 30. Maybe more if we puncture the tank.

Here's a breakdown of what a tank of gas will cost along the way:

Country      Cost of a Tank        FUELMONGOUS THANKS TO  
UK           26 BPS/$50
France       35 Euro/$48
Italy        37 Euro/$50
Slovinia     35 Euro/$48
Croatia      245 Kuna/$44
Bosnia       64 Mark/$44
Montenegro   32 Euro/$44
Serbia       3,000 Dinar/$35
Bulgaria     52 Lev/$35
Turkey       65 Lira/$35
Russia       640 Rubles/$20
Kazakhstan   5,300 Tenge/$35
Mongolia     49,600 Tugrik/$35     Jeremy, Lee, Lizzy, and Charlotte!!

Yes, we'll have extra fuel with us. We may be crazy, but we're not daft.

Oh, and donations to me are definitely NOT tax deductable.